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Some Top-Line Numbers From 2011 For Public Canadian Healthcare Companies

The numbers have been crunched in preparation for the 2011 Canadian Healthcare Annual Review, which I co-author with Ross Marshall, Senior Vice President at The Equicom Group. Prior to its publication later this month, we are going to give you a look at some of the top-line numbers.

The biggest concern in the sector is financing, both in Canada and globally. Two groups of numbers are shown below for our universe of public Canadian healthcare companies (132 companies to start 2011) – total equity and convertible debt financings by the group, and financings by development stage companies only (shown in millions of dollars). The 2011 total for the development stage companies is about the same at it was for the prior two years but is less than half of the average raised in 2005-2007.

Another major concern for both companies and shareholders is share price performance. We monitor share prices of a group of companies which started 2011 with a share price of $0.10 or higher and also look at two sub-groups. There were 104 companies in this group to start 2011 but only 97 companies actively trading as healthcare companies at the end.

The Equicom 2011 Canadian Healthcare Annual Review will look more closely at these numbers and the events from 2011, and discuss the results of its recent investor survey.

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