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Trends Update — Nonprofits Funding Commercialization: TB Alliance Splits Development Costs With J&J Sub for TB Drug

Mycobacterium_tuberculosisOne of the trends in 2009 we have been following is the increasing willingness of non-profits and disease advocacy groups to fund commercial product development by for-profit companies. 

Today, the nonprofit Global Alliance for TB Drug Development announced that it will share the development costs for J&J subsidiary Tibotec’s drug TMC207, and that the TB Alliance and Tibotec will collaborate on future pipeline products.

This is not the TB Alliance’s first foray into commercial development.  In May, they announced four other drug development collaborations, including 3 with academic institutions, and one with Anacor Pharmaceuticals.  Under the Anacor collaboration, Anacor gets unspecified “support” from the TB Alliance, and the TB Alliance gets a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license for TB.

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