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Flow-Through Shares for Healthcare Part 3 of 3: What If It Actually Happens

Part 1 of this series described the basics of flow-throughs and Part 2 examined both the structure and the level of financing that flow-through shares have provided to the mining and oil & gas industries. This part analyzes the factors contributing to a decision by the government to expand flow-throughs to healthcare and biotech companies, and the impact that decision might have on the industry.

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Flow-Through Shares for Healthcare Part 2 of 3: Flow-Throughs in Mining and Oil & Gas

In Part 1 of this series, we mentioned two flow-through share financings completed in 2010 (chosen at random for illustrative purposes). The following discussion examines those financings in more detail, and puts them in the context of overall funds raised by the mining industry in recent years.

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Flow-Through Shares for Healthcare Part 1 of 3: What Are Flow-Through Shares?

The extension of flow-through tax incentives to development stage biotech and healthcare companies has been discussed for many years, including twice previously on this blog (here and here). One of the most recent articles supporting this change was written by David Allan, a former investment banker who is a founder and current Chairman of YM Biosciences (Biotechnology Focus, March 2011). In order to properly assess what impact this action might have on our industry, we need to first understand how flow-through shares work. Read more of this post

Monday Deal Review: April 20, 2009

A relatively quiet week for the deal review this week…

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Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Temporary Relief Extended

The TSX and TSX-V temporary relief measures have been extended through September 30, 2009.  Specifically:

  • Toronto Stock Exchange has extended the remedial review period for delistings from a maximum of up to 120 days to up to 210 days.
  • TSX Venture Exchange’s temporary relief measures include:
    • adding flexibility in how existing continued listing requirements are applied to listed issuers;
    • extending the time within which Capital Pool Companies® can complete their qualifying transactions, and
    • allowing the minimum issuance price per security in certain transactions to be less than $0.05 (but not less than the market price).

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