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Update Released by Patheon’s Special Commmittee

Patheon’s Special Committee provided an update today:

“The Special Committee of Independent Directors of Patheon Inc. … today provided an update on its discussions with Lonza Group AG … regarding Lonza’s previously announced non-binding proposal to acquire all of the outstanding restricted voting shares of the Company at a price of US$3.55 per share. The Special Committee also updated shareholders on Patheon’s litigation connected with the unsuccessful offer by JLL Patheon Holdings…”

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Patheon and JLL Head (Back) to Court

Hockey_fightIf you’ve been following the Canadian takeover saga that is JLL Partners’ bid for Patheon, you’ll be not at all surprised to learn that litigation is now pending.  Read all the gory details from today’s announcement by Patheon’s Special Committee of Independent Directors after the jump…

Monday Deal Review: March 30, 2009

Canadian deal and company info from this week after the jump…

Patheon Special Committee Bites its Thumb at JLL’s Bid. Clubs, Bills and Partisans to Follow!

Following JLL’s commencement of its bid for Patheon yesterday, Patheon’s Special Committee released its response this morning advising shareholders that JLL’s offer is “substantially undervalued, opportunistic
and structurally coercive.”

Patheon shares closed up slightly at $2.55 (up 0.79% from $2.53 yesterday), approximately matching the gains made by the Canadian dollar (up 0.55% today).  JLL’s bid is in US dollars ($2 per share), so this fluctuation with the exchange rate is to be expected.

Bonus points if you don’t need to click this to get the reference in the title of the post .

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Canadian M&A Update: JLL Commences Patheon Bid at USD$2.00 per share

JLL Partners’ bid for Patheon Inc. (TSX: PTI), which has been brewing since December at the same USD$2.00 price, turned into a takeover bid today, with JLL announcing the lockup of shareholders holding 12,581,766 (about 13.8% by my calculation) of the subject shares. 

As we noted in the Monday Deal Review February 23, Patheon has cited a BMO valuation of US$4.20 to US$5.00 per share.

However, with today’s exchange rate putting the JLL offer around CAD$2.57, the current trading price of $2.53 looks like a fairly strong expectation that the bid will succeed.

Update: This is probably an opportune time to mention the Bloomberg article I saw on anti-takeover measures being implemented by public biotechs (hat tip to BIO SmartBrief, who picked it up yesterday).

Suzanne Dingwall actually made a similar point about vulnerable venture-backed public companies a couple of weeks ago.

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Monday Deal Review: February 23, 2009

Canadian deals and company info this week after the jump…


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