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Highlights of Canada’s 2010 Federal Budget For Biotech, Venture Capital and Innovation

 Here’s the highlight reel.  More details and analysis here.

  1. $45 million over five years to establish a post-doctoral fellowship program.
  2. $222 million in funding over five years for TRIUMF, Canada’s premier national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research.
  3. Additional $32 million per year for Canada’s research granting councils, plus an additional $8 million per year to the Indirect Costs of Research Program.
  4. Providing Genome Canada with an additional $75 million for genomics research.
  5. Doubling the budget of the College and Community Innovation Program with an additional $15 million per year.
  6. $135 million over two years to the National Research Council Canada’s regional innovation clusters program.
  7. $48 million over two years for research, development and application of medical isotopes.
  8. $497 million over five years to develop the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.
  9. Launching a new Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Commercialization Program with $40 million over two years.
  10. Renewing and making ongoing $49 million in annual funding for the regional development agencies to support innovation across Canada.
  11. Improving Canada’s system of international taxation to facilitate investment, cut red tape, and streamline the compliance process associated with the taxation of cross-border activity.

Closer look at #9 coming up…  Is #11 the end of 116?  Checking…

The full budget homepage is here:


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