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Monday Biotech Deal Review: January 30, 2012

Welcome to your Monday Biotech Deal Review for January 30, 2012.  Juicy news from last week include the $15M bought-deal that Oncolytics entered into with a syndicate of underwriters, as well as the closing of other private placement financings.  Read on to learn more.  Read more of this post

Post-Vacation Brain Dump: Deal Developments

Some exciting deal news from the week:

And some interesting company news:

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Monday Deal Review: May 11, 2009

bignickel1Check out the latest Patheon-JLL developments, a licensing deal that looks like a subcontracting arrangement, a plan of arrangement M&A that looks like a license, and the rest of the Canadian deal info from this past week after the jump…

Roche Tenderly Completes Genentech Deal

The results are in: 84.7% of Genentech’s publicly held shares were tendered and will be taken up by Roche Investments USA Inc. for $95 per share, bringing Roche’s stake up to 93.2% (96.2% with the guaranteed deliveries).  Just a short form merger away from done.

Next challenge: integration without assimilation.

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M&A! Hooray! Genentech’s and CV Therapeutics’ Dreams Come True

Seems like $95 per share was the magic number for Genentech, which finally succumbed to Roche’s persistent advances;

and in other new news…

CV Therapeutics‘ (Nasdaq: CVTX) found a White Knight in Gilead Sciences, which will pay $1.4 billion ($20/share), topping Astellas’ $16/share offer, which CV Therapeutics rejected a few weeks ago.  Pre-market trading is over $20, though, so maybe Astellas isn’t done trying.

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Roche-Genentech Update

Roche raised its bid to $93 per share, more than the $89 per share it started at, and considerably more than the $86.50 per share it had been proposing lately.  No substantive response yet from Genentech’s special committee.  Keep your eyes peeled for a new SEC filing here.

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M&A Update 2

Here’s the latest collection of M&A news we’ve found since the last update.  No new mega-deals, although Sanofi is shopping in the €15 billion range and Roche sold $16 billion of debt (which has seen high demand in subsequent trading) in the largest offering ever to raise cash for its Genentech bid.  Also, CV Therapeutics‘ (Nasdaq: CVTX) Board rejected Astellas’ $16 per share bid on the same day CV Therapeutics released its year-end results.

more deal info after the jump…

M&A Update

Following our last update, there have been a considerable number of bio/pharma M&A developments, so to bring you up to speed here is the latest deal info we’ve found…

It’s Raining M&A


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