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Valuation and Other Biotech Mysteries – Part 9: Retail Investors

[Ed. This is the ninth part in Wayne’s series. You can access the whole thing by clicking here. Please leave comments or questions on the blog and Wayne will address them in future posts in this series.]

In addition to the private institutional VCs, there are the retail investors who are willing to take similar risks with both private and public companies. I will focus on Canadian retail investors in this post.

Retail investors who invest in private companies usually do so through a fund which offers tax incentives. I have discussed flow-through funds, which are not currently available to biotech companies, in a previous series of posts. Historically, the largest investment vehicle has been the LSIFs or labour-sponsored investment funds, which are now being referred to as RVC funds or retail venture capital funds. There are a number of fund managers and the tax incentives vary by province.

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