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Fed-budget-2000-chartNotwithstanding BIO 2009, and apparently easily outshining Wolfram Alpha, this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve seen all week since sliced bread —

According to OMB Director Peter Orszag’s post on the White House Blog: will open up the workings of government by making economic, healthcare, environmental, and other government information available on a single website, allowing the public to access raw data and transform it in innovative ways.

As the blog post points out, and as I and almost anyone else can attest, goverment data is often buried a zillion levels deep in agency websites, and is often in pdf format.  The implementation of would make data access immeasurably better, but thanks to it will probably be measurably better (har).

The site now has a limited dataset, although it already contains interesting things like:

and the existence of XML, KML/KMZ and ESRI in addition to CSV/Text suggests lots of powerful features to come.

Anyway, for more info, check out the Open Government Initiative Innovation Gallery, and/or watch this video of Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra describing the site:

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