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New Early-Stage Funding: Ontario Genomics Institute’s Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund Calls for 2010 Applications

The Ontario Genomics Institute has a Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund (PBDF) that makes investments to fund proof-of-principle (aka proof-of-concept) programs.  They are soliciting applications for 2010 investments, with a deadline of January 29, 2010.

The project or business has to “involve genomics, proteomics, or associated technologies,” but the potential business areas are broad, including:

biofuels; cell, macromolecular, or small-molecule strategies for disease therapeutics; crop or livestock trait improvements; diagnostics; environmental management; laboratory and medical devices; nutraceuticals; and associated technologies such as analysis and organization of data resources (informatics, databases), high-throughput robotics, and information technology.

If you’re thinking about applying, you should note the following fund criteria:

  • The investment increases the likelihood of a near-term (i.e., within 24 months), ‘next-step’ event by offering concrete, definitive milestone(s) and uniquely enables rapid progress towards the marketplace for the outcome(s) of genomics-related technologies.
  • The opportunity forges a partnership between academe and industry.
  • The proposal demonstrates that the PBDF represents a unique funding opportunity for the project.
  • The applicant provides a matching investment in cash or in kind, whether from internal resources or other investors or from granting institutions.
  • The opportunity is of interest to an entity capable of and committed to further commercializing the outcome.

Caught your eye?  Here’s some diligence material

Done with that? Here are the application materials:

Go get ’em! Good luck!

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