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Canadian Science Policy Conference Video: Bruce Alberts, Preston Manning and Other Luminaries

The first Canadian Science Policy Conference was held at the end of October this year, and video and audio of the event is now available at the conference website.  I’d encourage you to check out the whole thing, but definite highlights include:

  • Preston Manning and Bruce Alberts (links to conference videos), who both called for greater involvement of scientists in politics at all levels.  I discussed Bruce Alberts’ proposals in a blog post at the time. Also,
  • On the third day of the conference, there was a great panel on science journalism, media, and communication (audio only), which was moderated by Paul Wells (senior columnist for Maclean’s) and included Mark Henderson (managing editor of Research Money), Nicola Jones (commissioning editor of Nature), Chantal Barriault (co-director of the science communication graduate program at Science North) and Peter Calamai (a science reporter from the Toronto Star whose remarks were read by Mr. Wells). Each had very interesting things to say about science journalism and scientists’ communications to the public.

I also had the privelege of moderating a panel that included Tom Brzustowski, Ronald Dyck, Jorge Niosi and Mark Romoff, who presented a range of approaches to commercialization strategy.  There’s no video of our panel, but you can listen to it here, and I have located a visual aid…

If you look closely, I believe you can see Ron Dyck praying that I’m almost done talking.  I’m not sure when the picture was taken, exactly, but it is statistically unlikely that his prayer was granted.

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