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Cow Genome Sequenced: Meet the Bovine J. Craig Venter

The genome of a Hereford cow, L1 Dominette 01449, was sequenced by the Bovine Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, less than two years after J. Craig Venter’s team reported the sequence of Dr. Venter’s genome in September 2007.  The Bovine sequencing papers are in this week’s issue of Science, along with a podcast interview with the lead P.I.

Dare we compare (phenotypes)?

J. Craig Venter

J. Craig Venter

L1 Dominette 01449

L1 Dominette 01449










By the way, if you’re feeling jealous, don’t. You too can join the fun. Knome is auctioning an opportunity to have your genome sequenced. The starting bid on eBay is $68,000.

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