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New Life Sciences Industry Data

New data from Delaware and Arizona last week:

Some highlights from a study by Edward Ratledge and Simon Condliffe of the University of Delaware’s Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research:

  • The biopharmaceuticals industry contributed $4 billion to Delaware’s economic output in 2008.
  • 247 biopharmaceutical firms employing 12,000 people, paying $1.6 billion in wages,
  • average salary of $132,000, which grew at a pace of 22.8% over the past five years, almost 8% faster than the wages of Delaware’s other industries
  • An additional 16,000 people are employed in support industries.
  • The industry is expected to add more than 120,000 jobs nationwide between now and 2016.

In Arizona, a similar study by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice had the following stats:

  • The state of Arizona and private philanthropists have pledged more than $1 billion to grow Arizona’s bioscience economy.
  • Excluding biotech jobs at hospitals and university labs, the industry employed 13,543 workers who earned $777.8 million [= average salary of $57,432] and contributed $177.8 million in state and local taxes.

For more stats on life sciences money and jobs, see our Bailout Page.

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