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Wednesday Brain Dump: Food Edition

Here’s a food edition of the Wednesday Brain Dump, but it’s all about limits:

  • Limiting Salt Intake:  A new epidemiological model predicts major benefits from minor reductions in salt intake.
  • Limiting Antibiotic Use: Some possibility that a bill, introduced in the House by Louise Slaughter (yep.), could pass, banning the use of antibiotics important to human health from being used on cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry unless animals are ill.
  • Limiting Food Imports: New rules came into effect mandating labels on most fresh meats, along with some fruits, vegetables and other foods, that will list where the food originated, and for some meat, will list where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered.  Beef farmers in border states have been pushing for the rules, which may have a negative impact on Canadian beef sales.

and the best for last…

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