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Obama, Sebelius and Drug Importation

The President’s Budget released last week highlighted President Obama’s support for importing cheaper drugs from Canada (pdf).  The Washington Post writes that Governor and HHS Secretary-elect Kathleen Sebelius was successful in having Kansas join a multistate consortium that allowed Kansans to order prescription drugs from Canada, Britain and Ireland, often at a lower price than in the United States. As a result of Obama’s proposal, drug companies took a hit on the markets last week.

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News: FDA Launches Secure Supply Chain Pilot Program

The FDA announced a new pilot program, which will select 100 applicants who will get expedited import clearance for up to 5 of their drugs that have a demonstrably secure supply chain.  Think of it as NEXUS for (FDA-approved!) drugs.  The idea is to decrease overall risk associated with imported drugs by allowing the FDA to focus resources on imports that are not part of the program.

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