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Trends Update — Commercialization by Nonprofit Foundations: iCo-CPDD Deal, plus MJFF Comes to Canada

One of the trends we’ve been keeping an eye on this year is the increasing willingness of nonprofit foundations to fund and support commercial product development.  Two updates today:

  1. iCo Therapeutics Inc. (TSX-V: ICO) is collaborating with the Consortium for Parasitic Drug Development (CPDD) to optimize one of iCo’s products for tropical conditions.  (That’s CPDD as in development of drugs to combat parasitic diseases, by the way, not a new and selfish approach to drug development.)  CPDD, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grantee, is making an initial contribution of USD $182,930 to iCo’s work.
  2. The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which has been very active in providing funding to companies working on Parkinson’s treatments, has registered as a tax-exempt charity in Canada.  Hopefully this will open the door for more Canadian collaborations.

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