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Being Organic Means Never Having to Say You’re Cloned

The Globe and Mail carried an article last week about the revised Organic Product Regulations that will come into effect in Canada on June 30, 2009. The Organic Product Regulations (as they did in 2006) incorporate by reference the Canada General Standards Board CGSB 32.310 Standards, and it’s those standards that were amended October 1, 2008 to expressly prohibit cloned animals or their descendants (pdf).   The bottom line, as Ted Soudant, chairman of the Organic Council of Ontario said, is

[t]hat [cloning] would be something that wouldn’t really be considered normal or right by the [organics] industry.

U.S. officials decided last year that cloned milk and meat couldn’t claim to be organic under the National Organic Program; so for now, anyone hoping for genetically identical organic steaks in North America would have to keep their fingers crossed for twins.

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