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Some Partnering Basics: Part 16 of Valuation and Other Biotech Mysteries

[Ed. This is the sixteenth part in Wayne’s series. You can access the whole thing by clicking here. Please leave comments or questions on the blog and Wayne will address them in future posts in this series.]

If partnering is basically the process of selling an asset, the first step is to let people know more about the asset which is for sale. Three initial questions to be answered are:

  • What companies do you talk to;
  • Who do you talk to at these companies; and
  • What do you tell them?

The answer to the first question is easy – you talk to all companies which may have an interest in commercializing your asset. The list of companies should be easy to prepare by looking at information sources already discussed in this blog series, including:

  • Annual reports and pipeline reviews by pharma and biotech companies;
  • Searching for all companies running clinical trials in the therapeutic fields targeted by your asset; and
  • Subscription newsletters and databases.

The people who need to be targeted are those who are both directly and indirectly involved in the partnering process. Since you can never predict which initial contact will lead to the deal, you have to target all potential contacts at all potential partners. Read more of this post


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