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Trends Update — Personalized Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness: HepC Treatment Gap, Leukemia Genetics and Beckman Coulter Genomics

B&W_DNA_sequenceA few interesting items hit the news this morning that continue the trend of explaining comparative effectiveness data by examining underlying genetic variation.

  1. Genetics explains why white patients respond better than black patients to standard Hepatitis C treatment. Bloomberg reported on a Nature paper showing that Hepatitis C patients with a genetic polymorphism near the IL28B gene show a 2-fold better response to treatment than patients without the variant. Because the variant is more common in patients with European ancestry than in those with African ancestry, it accounts for about half the observed difference in treatment response between the two populations.
  2. Genetic variants were identified that are associated with increased risk of childhood leukemia, which could lead to a better understanding of disease etiology and could lead to personalized treatments down the road.
  3. In a sign that genomic technology will be an increasingly important part of healthcare, Beckman Coulter formed a new company, Beckman Coulter Genomics, that will provide gene sequencing, sample preparation and other genomic services.

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