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This Week in the Twitterverse

Here’s what I was up to on Twitter this week @crossborderbio:

This Week in the Twitterverse

Some interesting items you may have missed if you weren’t following the Twitter stream this week:

  1. RT: @chrisarsenault Good news always welcomed! RT @markrmcqueen: RBC: Canada unexpectedly adds 27,100 jobs … Expectation was -15,0009:23 AM Sep 4th from TwitterBerry
  2. Changing of the guard at Akela Pharma $AKL following Nventa merger PM Sep 2nd from TweetDeck
  3. $50m to BDC for Southern Ontario. $35m direct, $15m for VCs. Will “collaborate” with OVCF via @startupnorth @markmcqueen5:46 PM Sep 2nd from TweetDeck
  4. Requiem for BioMS-Lilly… Agreement terminated following halted trials in July PM Sep 2nd from TweetDeck
  5. RT @IAmBiotech: Building a biotech hub – the keys to North Carolina’s success #biotech8:28 PM Sep 1st from TweetDeck
  6. RT @drval @ahier I still think the Lone Ranger is on the way health reform is not dead yet <–Nice summary of gang of 6.8:18 PM Sep 1st from TweetDeck
  7. Interesting from Nature News on gene-synthesis and bio-security PM Aug 31st from TweetDeck
  8. Extreme capital efficiency at a medical device startup via the WSJ’s VC Blog PM Aug 31st from TweetDeck

This Week in the Twitterverse: August 8, 2009

twitter_logo_headerSince I’ve been using Twitter to note short but interesting items that don’t require a whole blog post, I thought I’d post a re-cap of the week’s Tweets.  So, for those who aren’t on Twitter and haven’t been reading the @crossborderbio feed in the column to your right (or who read the blog by RSS), here’s what you missed:

  • Big confirmations day in the U.S. Senate: Sotomayor (S.Ct.), Collins (NIH) and Kappos (USPTO) in one fell swoop
  • Things are looking up when … biotech bankers and analysts have job options! Some movement in Toronto:
  • First EU guidelines for growing GM plants for pharming published, get positive initial reviews, says Nature
  • Today’s Canadian science = tomorrow’s Canadian start-ups. Check this week’s Friday Science Review on the blog: Go Richard!
  • New blog post analyzing Q2 VC investment numbers for Canadian biotechs – bad, but Q3 is already better H/T @startupcfo
  • OncoGenex goes it alone, sells $9.5 mm of straight equity and net $9.4, ISO for Phase III H/T @ldtimmerman @FierceBiotech
  • Another cancer personalized medicine success for DxS: AZ partnership for Iressa after BI & Amgen deals
  • Saskatchewan proposes new isotope reactor as part of nation-wide expressions of interest for Nov. 30 report
  • RT @gw_dailyscan: GI Bill and More Scientists: President Obama says this GI Bill, like the last, may lead ..
  • New Blog post: What makes MIT so good at entrepreneurship:
  • Adaltis Inc. (TSX: $ADS) files for liquidation under BIA follows July’s CCAA filing noted on the blog
  • For anyone thinking of not vaccinating their kids… RT @drval: NewPost: Dr. Sears Cashes In On Vaccine Fears
  • Canadian Science Policy Conference speaker list grows. Oct 28-30. Res Forum Blog >> CSPC web >>
  • H/T @FierceBiotech: Lilly Ventures has spun out of Eli Lilly with $200M, WSJ says it’s more “Ventures” less “Lilly”
  • Another environmentally friendly application of genetically-modified plants: lure nematodes, use less pesticide:
  • I will! RT @drval: Everyone check out @scotthensley ‘s new health blog at NPR: <– Hope you’ll blogroll
  • Old SBIR extended (again) to Sept 30 as conference committee fails to reconcile House and Senate bills before recess
  • Just now getting caffeinated this morning… RT @fodden: RT @slaw_dot_ca Civic Holiday Today >> Slaw
  • Isotope shortage in Canada not affecting patients as much as expected, but costing hospitals a lot for alternate supply

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