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Friday Science Review: May 3, 2013

The use of oncolytic viruses is becoming an increasingly attractive avenue for the treatment of cancer, because these viruses are able to destroy tumor cells and also generate immune-responses directed at those same tumor cells. Using human viruses for this type of treatment may be inefficacious, because immunity may exist or quickly develop toward the virus that is being used. The use of animal viruses similar to human viruses may prove to be an effective way to avoid these potential immunity problems.

A proportion of cells within a tumor are cancer stem cells, which are often enriched in what is called a “side population” of tumor cells. These cells can self-renew, produce new cells derived from multiple cell lineages, and may increase the growth rate of tumors. Previous research from Dr. Karen Mossman’s lab at the McMaster University Immunology Research Centre demonstrated that bovine herpesvirus type 1 targets transformed human cells but not normal human cells, and new research from her lab published in Cancer Gene Therapy now demonstrates that this virus can infect and kill cancer stem cells within the tumor side population.

The researchers found that exposing a number of different breast cancer cell lines to the bovine herpesvirus 1 led to a decrease in tumor cell viability and an increase in tumor cell death. The virus also killed human breast cancer stem cells, and limited the self-renewal and cellular differentiation capabilities of these cells. Additionally, mice injected with breast cancer stem cells that had been exposed to bovine herpesvirus 1 formed much smaller tumors than mice that were injected with breast cancer stem cells that were untreated. These results offer hope that bovine herpesvirus 1 or similar viruses may be particularly useful in treating cancers, because, in addition to not targeting normal cells, they are effective in killing the particularly harmful cancer stem cell population, and their use could also limit immunity issues that may reduce treatment efficacy.

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