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Cross Border Biotech – Now on Video

As an official blog site for BIO 2012, Cross Border Biotech had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic new program known as the “BIO Buzz Center” which enables official bloggers to do webcasts over BIO’s website.  During the convention, traffic to BIO’s websites surges – with the audience increasing by 2-3 times the normal size therefore increasing visibility.

Not being shy of the camera I jumped at the opportunity and had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Sanj Singh, President and CEO of Ade Therapeutics

Aside from the fact that my mike level was a bit low and I probably should have hit the makeup chair before taping, the 4 minute interview went very well.

A big thank-you to Sanj, Tracy Wemett and Gayle Kansagor for making this happen.

More on Ade Therapeutics

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