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This Week in the Twitterverse

Here’s some reading for the weekend from our Twitter stream on @crossborderbio:

  • RT @IBMResearch: Roche and IBM Collaborate to Develop Nanopore-Based DNA Sequencing Technology – 
  • RT @CBCHealth: Chalk River reactor to restart in July: AECL 
  • RT @ogilvyrenault: Ogilvy Renault’s Rick Sutin quoted in Financial Post article on TSX/TSXV’s strength in cleantech 
  • RT @markrmcqueen @theC100 Another C100 financing: Altos Ventures backs Toronto/SF-based Kontagent for social analytics
  • SV Life Sciences closes Fund V. Aimed for $400m, got $523m. Congrats! Come invest some of that extra $ in Canada! 
  • RT @FierceBiotech: Developers lobby for new federal R&D incentives for rare diseases. 
  • via @genomicslawyer Prometheus remanded to Federal Circuit post-Bilski 
  • RT @davidcrow @bwat: The VC Shakeout – Harvard Business Review: 
  • CTI makes $3.2m follow-on investment in Zymeworks (Vancouver antibody therapeutics co) 
  • Immunovaccine (TSXV $IMV) and Oncothyreon ($ONTY) developing a potential therapeutic cancer vaccine. $ not disclosed. 
  • Where head on = minimalist tiptoeing? RT @genomicslawyer: GLR Post: Bilski and Biotech: Business As Usual, For Now:
  • RT @AHCJ_Pia: coming July 1 
  • Aeterna Zentaris ($AEZS) & Almac working on Cancer Therapy+Companion Diagnostic for LHRH expression. $ not disclosed.
  • Notable awards: Fate Therapeutics wins Red Herring QIAGEN-DxS wins Medscience Txn of the Year
  • RT @ogilvyrenault: OMERS and Dutch pension fund, ABP, Establish €200 Million Fund for Canadian and Dutch Start-Ups
  • New Post: Key Quotes from the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Bilski Shows No Current Impact on Biotech 
  • Solving today’s SCOTUS issues in <140: The President can appoint an oversight board to patent methods of gun use. Ta da! 
  • Everybody relax. Sarbanes-Oxley Act “remains ‘fully operative as a law’ with [the PCAOB] tenure restrictions excised” 
  • Tesla increases # of IPO shares by 20%. from Bloomberg via @cleanlantern
  • @lindaavey still reading, but even if Bilski was seismological I think it’s more “tremor” than “quake”.
  • More Bilski:”all members of the Court agree that the patent application at issue here falls outside of §101 b/c it claims an abstract idea.”
  • More Bilski “while §273 appears to leave open the possibility of some business method patents, it does not suggest broad patentability…”
  • From Bilski: “The machine-or-transformation test is not the sole test for deciding whether an invention is a patent-eligible ‘process.’”
  • Bilski process is unpatentable, but SC disapproves “an exclusive machine-ortransformation test”! Link to full pdf
  • RT @SCOTUSblog: Real-time SCOTUS: Bilski v. Kappos, affirmed, Justice Kennedy writes for the majority.
  • RT @FierceBiotech: AstraZeneca is opening up ~500,000 of its chemical compounds to the Medicines for Malaria Venture.

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