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Biotech IPOs Past — 10 Years After the Biotech Venture Capital Boom of 1999-2001

You often hear people in this industry reminiscing about biotech booms and praying for another IPO window to open. The three most recent boom/windows were in 1995-1996, 1999-2001 and 2003-2005, each of which was impacted by both positive external market forces and a driving factor within biotech. The most spectacular boom/window was in 1999-2001, with the external trigger being the dotcom bubble and the internal trigger was two emerging technologies, genomics and proteomics, which had potential game-changing attributes that appealed to many dotcom investors. Co-authored with James Smith, Vice President Healthcare at The Equicom Group, this report looks back at the 1999-2001 boom/window, the IPOs and their subsequent performance.

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