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Biotech Trends Update — Commercialization by Foundations: JDRF, J&J and DexCom Collaborate on Artificial Pancreas

One of the industry trends we’re following in 2010 is the increasing commercialization activity by non-profit foundations. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has been taking active and creative approaches to funding treatments for their constituents.  Last month, JDRF in Canada partnered with a government funding agency to create a clinical trials network in Ontario; and today, an AP story at PharmPro reports that JDRF in the U.S. is bringing together two corporate partners to develop an artificial pancreas.

JDRF has been funding work on an artifical pancreas since about 2006; but this latest initiative moves the focus over to commercialization

Johnson & Johnson’s Animas Corp. unit (responsible for insulin pumps), and glucose monitor maker DexCom will work together on a device about the size of a cell phone that would be worn outside the body, with initial patient testing potentially beginning in less than a year.

JDRF is putting $8 million towards the project over the next three years, but they did not disclose either the amounts of the corporate commitments or the allocation of revenues from the project.

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