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Bruce Alberts’ Two Strategies to Promote the Impact of Science on Policy

In Bruce Alberts‘ keynote tonight kicking off Canada’s first Science Policy Conference, he highlighted two approaches to increasing the role of science on policy decisions. Here they are:

  1. To spread science, we need to spread scientists. Scientists in government, pre-college education, law, media and business can bridge cultures. Academic programs need to encourage alternate careers. He strongly recommends a National Academies-type science fellowship program for Canada.
  2. Outreach and aid internationally to build strong scientific organizations/academies in other nations. E.g., Canada’s efforts through the International Development Research Centre.

These actually sound like one strategy to me: dispersal.  It just has two axes. One is dispersal of scientists among careers, and the other is dispersal of scientists among nations.  Count my vote for multi-dimensional dispersal of scientists.  The more empiricists, the merrier.

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