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Monday Biotech Deal Review: September 28, 2009

B&W_BigNickelLots of deal news this week, including the Canadian action noted at the time: the iCo-CPDD deal and ethica’s in-license transaction.  Plus there was plenty of international excitement today (repentance notwithstanding) with Abbott’s $6.6 billion Solvay play and J&J’s new 18% stake in Crucell.  Keep reading for a securities-palooza and plenty more


Take-Over Do-Overs

In Debt to Investissement Québec

Aegera Therapeutics, which fully drew down a $7 million debt facility provided by Investissement Québec in order to fund its oncology and diabetic neuropathic pain programs, currently has its lead product at Phase 2b for an AML indication.

An Academic Collaboration in Flux:

Primera Bioscience Research Inc. is at a turning point in its collaboration with The Hospital for Sick Children.  Primera has funded $200,000 of the $300,000 project and has postponed the final payment pending agreement on the research strategy.  In the meantime, Primera sold 375,000 common shares at $0.10 per share to arm’s length subscribers — the same price for which common shares were sold under Primera’s 2008 prospectus. The $37,500 gross proceeds will apparently fund Primera’s general and administrative expenses for the next three years.

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