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Updated – Sibelius Senate Hearing: Interesting Bits from Prepared Testimony

Update from the NY Times:

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas appeared Thursday to be headed for confirmation as health and human services secretary, but several Republican senators objected to an immediate vote, so the Senate is unlikely to take up the nomination until later this month.

Following our initial posts on Sibelius and her Ag Secretary in Kansas, we thought we’d pull out some interesting bits from HHS Secretary-elect Sibelius’ testimony this week. Read on  This from Tuesday at the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (pdf, full video testimony here):

Among its many initiatives, the Department supports genomics research to find cures for debilitating diseases that afflict millions of Americans and challenge their families…

The Recovery Act also makes positive investments now that will yield health and economic dividends later. Through health information technology, it lays the foundation for a 21st-century system to reduce medical errors, lower health care costs, and empower health consumers. In the next five years, HHS will set the standards for privacy and interoperability, test models and certify the technology, and offer incentives for hospitals and doctors to adopt it. The goal is to provide every American with a safe, secure electronic health record by 2014

The Recovery Act supports vital information gathering as well as information technology. It invests $1.1 billion in comparative effectiveness research to provide information on the relative strengths and weaknesses of alternative medical interventions to health providers and consumers…

[I]t is equally important that we support efforts to discover new drugs and treatments that can prevent, treat, and cure disease. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides that critical support, and has funded a range of discoveries that have enabled us to live longer and more healthful lives. In many areas – for example, what we are learning from the human genome project – we are on the verge of even more exciting and promising scientific discoveries.

The prepared statement from today’s testimony at the Committee on Finance (pdf) contains the same language.

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