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Merck and Schering-Plough in Canada

Following this morning’s announcement of Merck’s offer for Schering-Plough (0.5767 share of Merck and $10.50 in cash for each Schering-Plough share = $23.61 a share, a 34% premium, with Merck shareholders owning 68% of the combined company), we thought we’d take a look at the respective Canadian operations.  See what we turned up

Merck Canada:

Merck Frosst, headquartered in Montreal … employs nearly 1432 people, including more than 300 of the world’s leading scientific personnel. … Merck Frosst invests more than $115 million annually in research and development and is one of the top 20 corporate R&D spenders in Canada.

Merck Frosst partners with other Canadian research institutions that share common goals.

Génome Québec … joint research for life-threatening fungal infections … conducted by Merck Frosst scientists.

Neuromed Pharmaceuticals:  Vancouver-based Neuromed and Merck recently signed an agreement to collaborate on research, development and commercialisation of novel compounds for pain, including the compound NMED-160

Schering-Plough Canada:

Schering-Plough Canada operates a Health Canada and U.S. Food and Drug Administration certified manufacturing facility at its Pointe-Claire site. Over 400 employees work in manufacturing operations and quality assurance, producing 300 million tablets annually for domestic and international markets. In 2000, Schering-Plough Canada invested $25 million to modernize its manufacturing plant and expand the warehouse operation. The project also included construction of an 86,000 square-foot, state-of-the art Distribution Centre in Kirkland, Québec. This centre serves the Canadian retail market and exports products to sister companies of Schering-Plough in the US, Europe and Asia. It processes 120,000 product orders annually. Approximately 850 people work at Schering-Plough Canada in sales and marketing, finance, regulatory and medical, legal, information technology, communications, manufacturing and commercial operations.

Schering-Plough’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Intervet, also operates an Animal Health division in Canada:

Located in Whitby, Ontario, Intervet Canada Ltd. is the Canadian operating division of Intervet International, the world’s third leading animal health company… Intervet Canada was founded in 1984 and began with product lines dedicated to the poultry industry… In 1996 [Intervet Canada] introduced a product line for Swine, [f]ollowed closely by Companion Animal products. Bovine and Equine products made their introduction in 2000.

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