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The Edison Awards: An Opportunity for Ontario?

In the context of some discussion about the Canadian federal budget, I had blogged about the idea of “an Ontario-based commercialization award of international scope, like the Gairdner Awards, that would seek out and reward internationally outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship.”

A press release from Nuvo Research Inc.(TSX: NRI), a Canadian drug development company focused on topical and transdermal delivery technologies, pointed me to the Edison Awards.  A quick scan of the product nominees this year makes the Edison Awards seem like an excellent model for what I would hope, through our discussions at the Life Science Coalition, to be achievable in Ontario.

I note the Ontario Premier’s Catalyst Awards, along these lines, but they appear to be geographically limited (OBCA and CBCA companies headquartered in Ontario).  The beauty of the Gairdner program is its international scope and caliber, which could stimulate Ontario activity by reputation and example.

Have you heard of other innovation/commercialization awards?  Is this a good idea for Ontario?  Let us know in the comments…

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