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Exciting Day Today

A couple of fun events are bracketing my day today.

First thing this morning, I’m off to the Ogilvy Renault – Deloitte – MaRS Cleantech in Canada Breakfast on the Evolution of the Smart Grid.  This couldn’t be better timing, since it has been a very exciting week for Cleantech in Ontario (and not just because of the breakfast).  First, the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA) and the Russell-Mitchell Group released the 2009 OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-To-Market Report, which Ogilvy Renault co-sponsored (shameless employer plug).  Second, the Ontario government introduced the Ontario Green Energy Act, which aims to provide funds and an administrative infrastructure for renewable energy jobs and projects (shameless patriotic plug).  Update: the MaRS Blog linked to Ogilvy’s summary of the legislation, so I guess I can too.

Why, you may ask, am I posting about cleantech on a biotech blog?  I think there’s lots of overlap, not just in terms of subject matter (biofuels, biomanufacturing, bioremediation, etc.) but also in terms of innovation and tax policy.  My vote is for increased cooperation between the two constituencies, and I’m making it happen by eating free breakfast.

Then this evening, it’s the big annual TBI Awards GalaI’ll be the one holding the big “Cross Border Biotech Blog” sign. TBI is a great organization that has been kind enough to take me under its wing a little bit, and I’m looking forward to dinner.

Update 2: the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Edward Rygiel (aka Fast Eddie, apparently), who in his acceptance speech cited Burrill data that apparently shows twice the number of biotechs and public biotechs in Asia (compared to Canada) for half the Canadian spend, in half the time (i.e., an 8-fold better ROI).  I’ll be curious to track this one down.  Hints accepted in the comments…

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