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More Info on Canadian Electronic Medical Records Implementation

In our Trends in 2009 series, we noted that Electronic Medical Records are poised to make significant inroads this year in Canada and the U.S. Yesterday, Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Minister of Health, confirmed that:

Funding of $500 million announced today is in addition to $400 million in support provided to Canada Health Infoway in Budget 2007. This brings the Government of Canada’s total commitment to this initiative to $2.1 billion.

Canada Health Infoway in turn announced today the availability of a new certification service that will enable

Health information technology vendors entering
the Canadian consumer health solution market [to] apply for
pre-implementation certification for their consumer health platforms.

Details on the certification service are on the Infoway website. Highlights from the FAQ include:

  • Consumer Health Platform is defined as “an electronic system which provides a secure, interoperable enterprise environment and personal health database. The platform enables a range of consumer health applications, most often from different vendors to run and interoperate. These two elements together allow consumers, as data custodians, to store and manage their personal health information and other health-related data.”
  • Assessment criteria are: functionality, privacy, security, interoperability and management; most of which in turn reference established standards for compliance.
  • Certification is for one year, and can be renewed for two subsequent years if the product has not materially changed.  Each product has to be re-certified at least every three years.
  • The certification process is strictly confidential and the certification assessment team is bound by strict non-disclosure agreements. Only the names of products that have been successful in achieving certification will be published.

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