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Canada’s Budget: An Innovation Shortfall

A good piece by David Crane in the Toronto Star today that touches on the BIOTECanada and Genome Canada issues, as well as a broader indictment:

There are some initiatives in the budget that will help. But overall it falls far short of what is required for an innovative economy, one that will deliver the jobs, prosperity and productivity we will need in the highly competitive global economy that lies ahead.

There’s also a comment on Crane’s piece from Mary Serniak suggesting an “idea competition” parallel to the international arts competition that was in the budget.  This is along the lines of a program we’ve been talking about at the Life Science Coalition: an Ontario-based commercialization award of international scope, like the Gairdner Awards, that would seek out and reward internationally outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship.

Update: Another couple of good budget reaction pieces are up at the MaRS Blog here and here.

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