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Trends in 2009: Personalized Medicine … Just Down the Street

An event this Monday (Jan. 26, 10am) at PMH will be an interesting preview of how personalized medicine may take further shape in Ontario in 2009.

From the press release:

Cancer Care Ontario’s (CCO) Molecular Oncology Task Force will release its first report which describes the current state and makes recommendations on improving access to and quality of genetic testing in Ontario to keep pace with advancing technologies in this field.


– Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Regional Vice President, Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program, CCO and Medical Director, Cancer Program, Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network

– Terrence Sullivan, President and CEO, CCO

– Mr. Richard Field, Cancer Patient

– Dr. Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Chair, Molecular Oncology Task Force and Co- Chair, Lab Services, CCO, Head of Laboratory Genetics and Director, Molecular Diagnostics, University Health Network, Ontario Genetics Secretariat Executive

– Dr. Tom Hudson, President and Scientific Director, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research

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