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Friday Science Review: January 23, 2009

Interesting science developments in and from Canada this week:

  • André Viellete’s team at IRCM in Montréal characterized a SLAM family receptor, CRACC, that has immune modulatory activity and showed that CRACC knockout mice were more susceptible to cancer persistence.  The first author is Mario-Ernesto Cruz-Munoz.  Here’s the press release.  Here’s the AOP Abstract at Nature Immunology.
  • Art Petronis and his team at CAMH in Toronto found evidence that epigenetic factors may be inherited — that is, that DNA may not be the only carrier of heritable information.  They show that there is more variability in DNA methylation in dizygotic (non-identical) twins than in monozygotic (identical) twins.  The first author is Zachary A Kaminsky.  Here’s the press release (check out the video).  Here’s the AOP Abstract at Nature Genetics.
  • GenomeBC  announced a research project using genomic tools to understand and prevent adverse drug reactions in children, called “The Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety”.  The public launch is today.

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