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OVCF Scoreboard: Commitments 1, Biotech/Cleantech 0

The Ontario Venture Capital Fund (OVCF) announced its first commitment yesterday: $15 million to Georgian Partners Capital, which according to its website invests in “growth and later-stage enterprise software companies.”

No announcement yet on the anticipated commitment to Mayfield Capital.  Maybe wiser to roll out a commitment to a local fund first.

We’ll continue to follow OVCF activity.  You can find other OVCF coverage here; and other (future) scoreboard posts here.

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We’ll See What VC

A post on Capital Rants this morning says the Mayfield Fund will be the Ontario Venture Capital Fund’s first investment, that it will be in the range of US$5 – US$7.5 million, and that Mayfield will open a one-person office in Toronto.  Mayfield’s investments page shows they invested in biotech and device plays in the past: Amgen, Genentech, Heartstream, Immunex, Intuitive Surgical, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Orquest, Radiant Research, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Tularik, Velocity11 (and one cleantech company: PolyFuel). 

However, the list is sortable by categories, all of which are IT focused, and tech investments account for 145 out of the 158 listed investments.  As they say, though, past performance does not guarantee future results, so we’ll see what Mayfield does in Canada.

If Mayfield wants a glimpse at some of the Toronto community, they could check out the Entrepreneurship 101 lectures, which have recently included conversations about venture capital from the VC side and from the company side.

There’s also the recent CVCA Report (pdf), and a summary post at Capital Rants.

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