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Opposites Are Majorly (Histo) Compatible

Love_heartNotch another study backing up the old adage. Opposites do attract. Work by Maria da Graca Bicalho and her colleagues at the University of Parana in Brazil compared major histocompatibility complex (MHC) sequences in 90 married couples and found significantly more divergence than among 152 randomly-generated pairs.

Congratulations to them for:

  1. Showing that the initial MHC-correlated attraction — noted in 2005 by Claus Wedekind, a researcher at the University of Bern, in Switzerland — actually correlates through to marriage; and
  2. Doing it without the old smelly shirts used by Wedekind in the original work.

Don’t trust your nose?  You can always try and let a sequencer do the sniffing.

Bonus: Check in first with a patent-pending saliva test for halitosis, called OkayToKiss, which “turns blue if it senses high quantities of certain bug enzymes.” Get the full scoop from ScienceNOW.

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