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Monday Biotech Deal Review: March 29, 2010

This week’s Canadian biotech deals include an acquisition by Biovail, Hæmacure’s BIA filing comes to a predictable end, MethylGene finds $8.9 million in its couch cushions from some Ontario numbered corps, Leap Medical leaps ahead with $1 million from MSBiV and other Quebec favourites, and BioSyntech borrows against its SR&EDs.  Those, plus more securities, debt […]

This Week in the Twitterverse

Here are some good tidbits to catch up on over the weekend in case you missed them the first time around on @crossborderbio: Most enjoyable CLE ever — — thanks DGL (@doug_lichtman )! RT @FDAcdrhIndustry: Online presentation: Good Clinical Practice 101 #fda #medicaldevice  New Post: Friday Science Review: March 26, 2010 – Why […]

This Week in the Twitterverse: Weekend Reading

Lots of good info from Twitter this week.  Catch up on all the news that’s too brief to print: RT @AHCJ_Pia: just released data sets called for by Open Govt Directive – Incl food, health, VA, enviro data. RT @dgmacarthur: Genetic Future post: Personal genomics is getting serious: Counsyl emerging from stealth mode […]

Monday Biotech Deal Review: January 18, 2010

Another strong week for Canadian deals. Light on securities, but heavy on M&A, licensing and partnerships.  MedGenesis and Cyplasin brought assets in, Canada and Australia are doing a do-sa-do (Topigen-Pharmaxis, YM-Cytopia), and Trillium Therapeutics signed an out-license to Biogen, while Medicure is shopping its lead program around.  Less good news for Haemacure and Forbes Medi-Tech, but plenty of other […]

This Week in the Twitterverse

This week was full of interesting developments — catch up with some weekend reading from @crossborderbio: Great new VC blog – really smart stuff from Peter Carrescia at #vc #blog 19 hours ago WSJ VC Blog sums up #JPM10 23 hours ago Friday Science Review: January 15, 2010 – A little sunflower power to brighten up a […]

Monday Deal Review: August 24, 2009

This week saw a few headline deals that we covered at the time, including the Vasogen-Cervus-IntelliPharmaCeutics deal, the move by Takeda Canada to take back ACTOS rights from Lilly, and the Lonza offer for Patheon, but other than that it seems like it was a quiet week everywhere. Still, check out some good stuff

Monday Deal Review: July 27, 2009

Well, July is wrapping up with no sign of summer, or of the summer doldrums.  Read on for all the rainy-day deals we found this week

Monday Deal Review: June 8, 2009

Well, it’s a day late, but no dollars short.  Here is an action-packed Deal Review.  Read on for some debt settlement, some creditor un-settlment (a BIA filing), and all kinds of M&A related rejigging…

Monday Deal Review: May 25, 2009

This week’s deal review has a couple of new placements, a couple of new plants, a very interesting claim asserted in Boston, and many, many updates on deals we have previously covered.  Check out the full review

Monday Deal Review: May 11, 2009

Check out the latest Patheon-JLL developments, a licensing deal that looks like a subcontracting arrangement, a plan of arrangement M&A that looks like a license, and the rest of the Canadian deal info from this past week

Monday Deal Review: March 9, 2009

A big dose of Canadian deals and company info from this week

Monday Deal Review: March 2, 2009

Canadian deals and company info from this week


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