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U.S. Bioscience Industry – Status and Trends

On the heels of the U.S. government’s recent report: National Bioeconomy Blueprint , Battelle and BIO have released: State Bioscience Industry Development 2012.

 The report highlights how the bioscience industry has excelled in terms of job growth. Even during tough economic times and an uneven recovery of the global economy, the industry has generally been an employment generator, well above the U.S. national average.

 The report goes on to examine the bioscience industry by state. To read the report, click here

BIO 2012 by the numbers

BIO 2012 is over and the numbers are in:

 Total attendees: >15,000*

International attendees: 5,000

States represented: 48

Countries represented: 65

 Companies participating in the business forum: 2,800

Partnering meetings: 25,000+

Company presentations: 190

 Exhibition space: 180,000 square feet

Exhibiting companies: 2,000

 *Washington, DC/2011 final registration number was 15,626 and there were more than 21,138 partnering meetings

 Next Convention: Chicago, IL, April 22-25

Cross Border Biotech – Now on Video

As an official blog site for BIO 2012, Cross Border Biotech had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic new program known as the “BIO Buzz Center” which enables official bloggers to do webcasts over BIO’s website.  During the convention, traffic to BIO’s websites surges – with the audience increasing by 2-3 times the normal size therefore increasing visibility.

Not being shy of the camera I jumped at the opportunity and had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Sanj Singh, President and CEO of Ade Therapeutics

Aside from the fact that my mike level was a bit low and I probably should have hit the makeup chair before taping, the 4 minute interview went very well.

A big thank-you to Sanj, Tracy Wemett and Gayle Kansagor for making this happen.

More on Ade Therapeutics

Early stage bio and tech tax credits – Maryland style

In light of the Canadian government’s review of the R+D tax credit regime in Canada and the hand wringing around the fallout should the recommendations from the Jenkins report be implented, it was refreshing to hear about the State of Maryland’s approach.

The Maryland government decided to create a unique approach to tax credits for early stage bio and tech companies resulting in “InvestMaryland”. The program has been highlighted in the “BIOtechNOW” event daily : BIOtech_Issue1_17 (2)  from the BIO 2o12 convention.

The state program has been well received and local governments like Montgomery county have stepped up to provide additional support .

 For further details click here




Greetings from BIO 2012!

BIO 2012 has officially kicked off in the beautiful city of Boston.

Social Media has moved front and centre during the convention with a full range of bloggers and tweeters. This year BIO is re-broadcasting blog posts via: . Cross Border  Biotech is listed as an official blog site so please check back for the latest updates and news from the convention floor. Speaking of convention floor, the Canadian Pavilion (booth 735) occupies a very large piece of real estate (7200 sq. ft.) and although not officially open is attracting a steady flow of people. The Pavilion houses companies from every province looking to promote, connect and partner.

Also check out the BIOchannel:  to see the latest in interviews and bio related presentations.

Healthcare in the U.S. – The New Normal

Following the release of the new U.S. bioeconomy strategy, and as we head toward this year’s BIO Convention in Boston, Deloitte is presenting a webcast that may be of interest on how the U.S. healthcare system will deal with an aging population and increasing cost pressures:

Health Sciences Consolidation: Industry’s Response to the New Normal 

The webcast will discuss factors driving the future of consolidation in the following sectors:

  1. Biotech and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  2. Hospitals
  3. Commercial Health Insurance

Click here to register for the webcast.

Deloitte and Thomson Reuters Follow Up on R&D Value

An interesting follow-up study conducted by Thomson Reuters & Deloitte delving into what many in the industry have sought to understand better.  Last year Deloitte and Thomson Reuters conducted an analysis into value measurement at the “whole R&D business” level using Internal Rate of Return (IRR). This year, they have extended their analysis, looking at the same cohort of companies one year on.

This year’s analysis has highlighted the following key points:

  • R&D leaders are under continued pressure to justify the investment in the ‘business of R&D’ as many companies show a reduction in static IRR
  • Year on year (static) IRR measures reflect the productivity challenges within the industry but also conceal some underlying successes.
  • Analysis of dynamic returns allows us to identify encouraging signs within the industry, but also shine a light on areas of concern which should remain a focus for R&D leaders.
  • For a fair account of R&D performance, dynamic return measures need to be viewed over a four to five year timeframe, yet after one year some companies are demonstrating superior dynamic returns with respect to their peers.

Click here for the full report (pdf).

[ed. Welcome to Christian Hartmann, a new author here at the blog. He’ll be blogging from the upcoming BIO 2012 conference in Boston.]


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