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This Week in the Twitterverse

A lot of my tweeting this week was live reporting/commentary/snark from the first ever Canadian Science Policy Conference. The conference was a great success and will hopefully spur continued reflection and action in the coming months.  The highlight for me was moderating a panel on commercialization comprising Tom Brzustowski, Ronald Dyck, Jorge Niosi and Mark Romoff. My thanks to them and to the organizers for the opportunity.

Aside from that, here’s what was up @crossborderbio this week:

  • RT @enochchoi:The 2nd day of #bilpil (#TEDMED ‘s sister conference) … livestream via @medpagetoday: via @drval
  • #cspc Science Media Centre coming to Canada (exists in UK and Aus) communicates about & for science. Formed 2wks ago launch summer 2010 
  • #cspc2009 new rule: all questions by Twitter. Give us one tweet, Vasily. One tweet only please. 
  • Great #cspc2009 question: enough about science-illiterate public, what to do about public-illiterate scientists?
  • #cspc2009 Don’t need to fill a swimming pool (science literacy) to discuss a specific issue, just a (targeted) bathtub. E.g. Citizen’s fora
  • #cspc2009 Chantal Barriault research on “free choice environments” (science musesums, libraries, etc) shows they R seen as neutral, credible 
  • Ha ha, I think all the #cspc2009 twits are navel-gazing at the media panel instead of covering substance. 
  • RT @davidcrow: RT @rogerchabra: GrowthWorks & Seamark to merge and become Matrix Asset Management: 
  • Please make sure your CRM software doesn’t do this: “Dear (null) Jeremy Grushcow”. Thanks for that ego boost, sales guy.
  • Excellent posts from #cspc2009 from @robannan at his Researcher Forum Blog Oh, look. He’s tweeting there too!
  • RT @InVivoBlogEllen: Panel at BioInvestor Forum on IPO market. Lots of S-1s being written. Yeah, but will they get filed? 
  • Yay! A hashtag! RT @tdmckee: Canadian science policy conference day 2 going well so far – excellent turnout, plenary 1 underway… #cspc2009 
  • RT @ogilvyrenault: Aeterna Zentaris Completes Second Registered Direct Offering of Common Shares and Warrants
  • RT @ogilvyrenault: Nadine D’Aguiar and Jason Markwell speaking at Pharma Patent Law Conference in TO today and tomorrow 
  • @jsookman ‘s blog: Blogger to WordPress. Rebranded. “Ubiquitous Startups and the VC” is now “Startup Life”
  • RT: @LucLalande TVO debate on Canadian universities, research and world-class standing – CarletonU Pres on panel video
  • Canadian Science Policy Conference – Bruce Alberts: Science for Policy Nat’l Academy reports are meant to be informative, not prescriptive.
  • Canadian Science Policy Conference – Bruce Alberts: if you want the federal government interested in science, send them to China.
  • Heading to Canadian Science Policy Conference. Keynote by Bruce Alberts + remarks by Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation John Milloy
  • Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) asks to be subject to province’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • $QLT authorizes repurchase up to 5% of its shares on the open market  
  • RT @nvca: applauds House FinServ Com Passage of HR 3818 w VC exemption from Inv. Advisers Act. 67-1. Major hurdle crossed; still wrk ahead.  
  • RT: @MaRSDD Pls RT SiG @MaRSdd is hiring an Entrepreneur in Residence! Job post here (via @lisatorjman)  
  • Synthetic bio symposium, Vincent Martin: PhytoMetaSyn project – genomic & metabolic info for 75 plants = toolkit for building new pathways.  
  • RT: @FierceBiotech RT @ldtimmerman: Omeros, worst performing IPO of 2009, casts a shadow over other aspiring biotechs.
  • Synthetic bio symposium, Mads Kaern: cool iGEM project from Edinburgh detects arsenic in drinking water.  
  • Synthetic bio symposium, Mads Kaern: iGEM competitiors use open source “parts” to build cool stuff. Good Canadian participation / leadership   
  • Synthetic bio symposium, Mads Kaern: Biological machinery needs standardized functional components: e.g MIT registry of std biological parts   
  • Synthetic bio symposium, Mads Kaern: 20th century was for chemical engineering, 21st is for biological engineering.  
  • Just made it to the OGI-IDT synthetic biology symposium @MaRSDD. Looking for “build-a-bear” on the program, but not seeing it. Sorry,kids :(
  • Negotiating some docs for a client this morning then joining in OGI’s Synthetic Biology Symposium @MaRSDD. Includes a public forum at 6pm.
  • Peace, Order, Good Government and Bluetooth @miskinlaw Oppressed in Ontario Canada: … and now not allowed to Tweet and drive
  • RT @scotthensley: So here go with public option…Opt out,states,if you want to,but Reid sounds determined,Snowe or not 
  • Says ME! Har. RT @CLSD: Vaccines production and use now at record levels, says WHO
  • My office neighbour! RT @ogilvyrenault: Evelyn Li is featured on the Sauder Business Club of Toronto website 
  • Right! RT @genomicslawyer: DTC Disconnect @matthewherper‘s post See @genomeweb_news re Navigenics
  • RT @FierceBiotech: RT @GEstock: Imaging, informatics steer cancer regimen – FierceBiotech IT $GE $LLY 
  • Canada falling behind in cleantech race, industry insiders say <<Flow-thru 4 #cleantech & #biotech I say 
  • Personal genomics personalized…for docs RT @GenomeWeb_News Navigenics, Beth Israel Team on Personal Genomics Training 
  • BioProspecting & Atlantic Cancer Research Institute collaborate on diagnostic (& companion therapeutic) for ovarian cancer 
  • Time for a whole-virus HIV Vaccine? via @themarknews
  • Science dream or re-identification nightmare? RT @GenomeWeb_News: NHGRI Considering New Genomic Data Sharing Policies.. 
  • RT @dgmacarthur: #ashg2009 overall impression of 23andMe talk – competent GWAS analysis, still skeptical abt power for disease risk.

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